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The Dadifesto Handbook

What started off as a simple list of online resources has now grown to something a bit bigger. Here then is the web version of the work currently known as  The Dadifesto Handbook. The plan is to update it from time to time, when there is interest and when others offer up corrections and suggestions.  Click on the link in the menu bar above or on the image of the handbooks cover. Dadifestohandbookcover

Tom’s Tabletop Simulator Workshop OnAir

TTSOnAirLogoHaving had a month or so to dive into the amazing Tabletop Simulator we are now starting to make videos of our endeavors. Your can watch our video workshops over on our Youtube Playlist 

Chess – The Summer Sessions

ChessOver the last two years I have been helping out with our local elementary school’s Chess Club. Over the summer we will be building up a library of resources and online tools to help grow the club. Much of what we are going to post will be of value to any kid, parent or educator looking to add Chess to their arsenal. There is now a separate Chess menu on under which all our findings and thoughts will be published. If you have any items  to add  please send them  over and they will be included.

The Dadifesto Video Trailer

A quick idea for a video bumper for use in future Dadifesto projects. Music by Lucas Gonze

Tomorrow’s Troublemakers

Many years ago Dadifesto was a project I worked up to collect all the things I was learning whilst being a parent.  Originally it was going to be a zine, print for sure but also with a blog of some sort. As the years went on the name stuck for several other feeds, blogs and picture collections but I never collected them all under the one name…Dadifesto. I am not sure how much will make it here but the hope is that is exactly what happens. And away we go.

Concept for the cover of the Dadifesto zine from back in 2009

Concept for the cover of the Dadifesto zine from back in 2009